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A brief introduction to the International League of Young artists



INTERNATIONAL JOINT COMPETITION OF YOUNG ARTISTS(2019)(The abbreviated form of a name“IJYA”),Is sponsored by IYAA, the INTERNATIONAL YOUNGSTERS ARTIST ASSOCIATION, a higher-level international childrenundefineds art competition. The former of the contest is IYAA "International Childrenundefineds Charitable painting Competition", held once a year, is the first choice for first-class art organizations to participate in the event, has now formed a very high impact in the professional field! "International Young Artist Art works Collection" "International Youth Artist Global Art Exhibition” " REACHING International Art and Culture (Hong Kong) A limited company, etc....丨More support units...

This competition is the only international competition recommended by Daozi Xizhi, the worldundefineds leading calligrapher in calligraphy and painting. It is the first (and currently the only) "childrenundefineds art league" competition system in the world. By many authoritative media support and recognition. The members of the expert jury of the contest are recommended by "" and "Contemporary calligraphers." painting evaluation practitioners follow international (USPAP) standards. And the joint authoritative expert group has developed the own intellectual property rights the brand-new appraisal standard (newest standard number: IYAA-IJYA-2018-3). Under the principle of "fair, fair and open", all children aged 3 to 17 are welcome to participate in the contest. Excellent contestants have the chance to get the global exhibition and the work to be auctioned. IYAA keeps an eye on the global childrenundefineds public welfare, and collects a comprehensive registration fee, excluding all the expenses of the whole process of the competition (including exhibitions, auctions, etc.), The surplus proceeds will be returned to public organizations or public undertakings, including the China Youth Development Fund, the United Nations Childrenundefineds Fund, the China Poverty Alleviation Fund, and so on.

Note: IJYA is the only (international) art competition in the world to recommend and assist in the auction of childrenundefineds calligraphy and painting art works, beware of counterfeiting by other organizations. For more information about the IYAA Association, click:“more”.


World first Competition system

According to the registration requirements, the contestants submit their works, and the expert judges give a "professional score" according to the comprehensive level of the works. Participants with a professional score of more than 75 points will be recommended and published to the "famous calligraphers."《Teenage artists》column;All users who visit the website have the right to vote as "popular judges". Each user can only click once and the cumulative number of likes is "popular rating". Professional score and public rating constitute the final comprehensive score, see the main criteria of this league.

The league is divided into four seasons, the last day of each season is the "comprehensive scoring day" (the earlier the registration, the longer the popular vote period);A comprehensive score accumulated prior to the "score Statistics Day", that is, the final result of each contestant, the ranking of which determines the honor award grade, and thus determines the list of "exhibitors" and "auctioneers".Awards are awarded four times a year, including the Open, Championship and Masters. Note: only once a season can be registered. For example: sign up on January 5 and re-enroll only after April 1 of season 2.

IJYA time plan


Depending on the age of the contestant and the work


  • Whether the subject is clear and unique
  • Does the theme have any meaning
  • Does the theme reflect a certain sense of the times
  • Does the theme reflect a value


  • Is the subject matter original or not
  • Do you have the ability to re-create again
  • Whether the theme of the work is original
  • Whether or not the style of the work shows the spirit of innovation


  • Is there the potential to shape artistic styles
  • Whether has the strong artistic expression skill
  • Whether have certain fine arts modeling ability
  • Proficiency in specific art tools


  • The ability to feel the extension of time and Space
  • Have a keen insight into life
  • The comprehensive thinking ability of horizontal and vertical
  • Be good at giving play to instinctive imagination space ability


According to the contestantundefineds "professional score" and "popular rating" to determine whether or not to be shortlisted, the shortlisted "comprehensive score" ranking determines the final season award. The shortlist conditions for the Open, Championship and Masters are different (see figure below).


According to the proportion of "professional score" and "popular score" of the contestants, the "comprehensive score", the "comprehensive score ratio" of the Open, Championship and Masters are different (see figure below).


The above is the content outline of the evaluation standard, the IJYA review standard is drawn up by the IYAA related experts collectively, is the global first relatively complete authority new standard on the childrenundefineds art review at present.
IYAA has independent intellectual property and interpretation of the standard. All entries will be evaluated according to all 163items of the criteria (Standard number: IYAA-IJYA-2018-3), and the results will be accurate to one decimal place.
Note: the term "public review" referred to above refers to the right of any person or organization with basic civil rights to vote through likes for contestants. The only channel for voting is:“”。
Artist honor award

The contestants who have won the first prize of "Masters" twice in this league have awarded "International Young artists" Certificate of Honor ", and won" Global Exhibition "and" works auction "qualification (to protect personal privacy, the auctioneer may not be published).

Honorary Award of the Open

Shortlisted Open, according to comprehensive evaluation: the first, second, third prize of the Open; award of "Certificate of Honor" and "Pre-auction Evaluation Certificate"; And get the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website platform: "Young artists" column recommended.

Championship Honorary Award

Shortlisted championships, according to comprehensive evaluation: championship first, second, third prize; award of "certificate of honor" and "pre-auction evaluation certificate"; And get the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website platform: "Young artists" column recommended.

Masters Award

Shortlisted Masters, according to the comprehensive evaluation: Masters first, second, third prize; issued "Certificate of Honor" and "pre-auction evaluation certificate"; And get the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website display platform-"Young artists" column recommended; Masters first prize also won the "Global Show" and "works auction" qualification (to protect personal privacy, can not publish auctioneers).

Progress Award Honours

Shortlisted Open, according to the comprehensive score: failed to win the first, second, third or other awards of the Open; award of the Progress Award "Certificate of Honor"; And get the world calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous official Web site, "Young artists" column introduction.

Popularity Award Honours

During the judging period of the competition, according to the popular ratings, the following are selected: the Open, the Championship and the Masters, the award of "Certificate of Honor", the Best popularity Award; Get the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website-"Young artists" column recommended. Note: no less than 300 popular likes are eligible for popular awards. The award will not be awarded separately by those who have won the Masters honours.

Mentor Honorary Award

Award of honours to mentors of contestants: more than 15 students enrolled in the Championship contest; honorary title of "International Youth Artist mentor"; and award of instructor "Certificate of Honor"; Get the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website-"Young artists" column as a mentor recommended.

Organization honor award

Award of honor to the organization participating in the group: the students of the organization will enter the Masters Tournament with more than 15 people; they will be awarded the honorary title of "International Academy of Young artists training"; the organization will be awarded the "Certificate of Honor"; And got the "Global calligraphy and painting characters calligraphy and painting famous" official website-"Young artists" column to do agency recommendations.


Payment protection and precautions




Thank you for your joint efforts and support.

Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Thanks to those parents who are willing to save a meal and choose to make the right investment for their children!

Thank you for participating in this competition of experts objective, in-depth and meticulous evaluation!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard for the contest!

Thank you for the support of the co-organizers and the media!

Thank everyone for their efforts to create value for childrenundefineds works of art!

After all, not everyone has a chance to tap into their potential and be happy.


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