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Requirements and instructions for entry

Young children aged 3-17 are allowed to participate (IJCYA does not limit the nationality and territory of participation).

Work Requirements:
Each person may submit up to 4 works per application. No restrictions on theme style type, genre, form, size (no more than 2m in height),IJCYA requires that the content of the work be healthy, re-minded and creative, and that it not involve military, religious or political elements.The type of entry can be any form of fine arts such as painting, handwork or calligraphy.

Mode of entry:
Please send us your copy of the artwork and personal photo together with the registration form by email and pay the registration fee, that is, complete the registration.

Each participant can apply for "IJCYA" every year. The same competition can be signed up many times. Works that have already participated in other similar competitions can also register for this competition on the premise of owning copyright.

Declaration of agreement:
Entries must be created for the participants themselves, otherwise all relevant legal liability arising from them will be borne by the participants'guardian.

Registration and deadline:
January 1, 2020-December 31, 2019 (please refer to the "2020 season schedule")


Specific methods and instructions for registration

1. Please remake or scan the original work into a picture file (the picture should keep the original appearance and type of the work, otherwise it will not be accepted), the title of the document should indicate the name of the participant and the name of the work (Please keep the manuscript in good custody and provide it at auction).

2. Click download“Registration form”(note: Do not write).Group applicants can fill out the "Group Registration Form" and collect all entries in the "Individual Registration Form" in the same package. (Applicants who are not convenient to fill in the application form can also add the customer service microsignal "IYAA-KF" for manual registration.)

3. Please send the Registration Form together with the entries'e-manuscripts and personal image of the contestants in the same compressed file package to the email address of the "IJCYA" Organizing Committee ( Please check carefully whether the address is correct.You can also submit online registration according to the above process.If you submit the information and pay the registration fee, you will receive the confirmation mail after successful registration. Please scan the QR code below to pay the registration fee.

At the end of the season, you will receive notification of the final comprehensive score and the award.

If you have any questions, you can ask customer service advice online, or add "IJCYA Organizing Committee" customer service microsignal:" IYAA-KF "at any time to consult.

Copyright protection

The copyright and authorship of the entries are owned by the author. Registration for IJCYA means that you have agreed to authorize the publication and distribution of the work to the "IJCYA" organizers and co-organizers. Please take good care of the original entries.


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